The University of Trash is a collaboration with British artist Nils Norman. The work modeled itself after radical utopian architectural projects and pedagogical experiments from the late 1960s and late 1980s. Adventure playgrounds, historic urban spaces such as Tompkins Square Park, and vernacular architecture came together to form a series of interconnected pavilions and walkways within the exhibition space. Built from readymade, recycled, and found materials, the installation functioned as a temporary, makeshift free school. Throughout the three-month exhibition, The University of Trash hosted over fifty courses, lectures, presentations, and workshops, taught and attended by members of the public on a wide range of topics. An essential part of the work was the involvement of local students, community organizations, artists, activists, and academics, all of whom lead small classes or talks within the space of the exhibition. These topics included grass roots organizing, DIY architecture, the evolving aesthetics and politics of public space, screen-printing, boat building, and composting.